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13 May 2010

JH Schryer - the Dynamics of Writing Fiction as a Duo

Talk by Dr Helen Fry and James Hamilton

A talk by Dr Helen Fry and James Hamilton on their unusual writing partnership and the inspiration they gave to Jane McAdam Freud for the sculptures Stone Speak

Dr Helen Fry and James Hamilton have been working as a writing partnership (known collectively as JH Schryer) in fiction since 2005. Their two novels, Goodnight Vienna and Moonlight Over Denmark, are both set in Nazi occupied Europe and have powerful resonances for the authors’ own backgrounds and interests, and for the experiences of the Freud family. The two authors will discuss why they started and how it is possible for two people to write fiction together, the nature of their work and the subjects covered.

They will discuss their meeting with Jane McAdam Freud at the Freud Museum for the book launch of Helen's historical book Freuds' War; and their involvement in Jane's sculpture project which has culminated in the current exhibition at the Freud Museum London, Stone Speak

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