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27 January 2006 - 29 January 2006

Freud Yesterday - Freud Today

The British Psychoanalytical Society and The Freud Museum at the University of Westminster, London

Freud 150th Anniversary Conference January 27th, 28th, 29th 2006


Saturday 28 January 2006

Opening address
Michael Molnar (Freud Museum)
Ken Robinson (Honorary Archivist, BPAS)

Introductory Talk
Ilse Grubrich-Simitis (Psychoanalyst, Germany)

Freud as a writer
Riccardo Steiner (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

Clinical Psychoanalysis
André Green (Psychoanalyst, France)

Clinical psychoanalysis after Freud in France
Harold Blum (Psychoanalyst, USA)

Reclaiming Interpretation and Insight
Roger Kennedy (Psychoanalyst, UK)

What will emerge?
Anne-Marie Sandler (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

Maurice Godelier (Anthropologist, France)

Freud and Anthropology : Inspiration or Pretext?
Jack Goody (Anthropologist, UK)

Untitled Talk
Rosine Perelberg (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

Feminism, sexuality and gender
Juliet Mitchell (Psychoanalyst, UK)

Psychoanalysis and Feminism/Feminism and Psychoanalysis: from Sexual Difference to Gender Diversity
Rachel Bowlby (Professor of literature, UK)

Felicity Dirmeik (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair


Sunday 29 January 2006

Introductory talk
Alain de Mijolla (Psychoanalyst, France)

On some 'bad' images of Freud
Ronald Baker (Chair)

Cultural history and psychoanalysis
Peter Loewenberg (Psychoanalyst, USA)

Cultural History and Psychoanalysis
Peter Burke (Historian, UK) - interlocutor
Riccardo Steiner (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

Literature and art
A S Byatt (Novelist, UK)
Al Alvarez (Writer and critic, UK)
Ignes Sodre (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

Short presentations and free discussion
Politics, power and citizenship
Paul Hoggett (Professor of politics, UK)

Politics, the Emotions and Psychoanalysis
Fakhry Davids (Psychoanalyst, UK) Chair

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