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21 May 2004 - 22 May 2004

Art, Identity and the Unconscious in the Age of TransNationalism

International Conference & Film Programme

organized by The Freud Museum and Slade School of Art

In an era of globalisation and 'mutli-culturalism' how do artists explore the reality of racial and cultural differences, the legacy of colonialism and the continuing persistence of stereotypes? This conference and the film screening which preceded it, explored the ambiguities of transnationalism, and the effects of history and desire in the construction of a 'postmodern' identity.

Film Programme
Friday 21 May 2004 7.00pm - 9.00pm at the Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern

Rosalind Nashashibi - The states of things - 15 mins [approx]
Alia Syed - Eating Grass - 22 mins
Nicole Hewitt - Waltz - (2004) 20mins
David Blandy - Hollow Bones - 8mins Ya get me? 15 mins
Penny Siopis - My Lovely Day - 21mins 8mm film transferred to video

Saturday 22 May at University College London

Kaja Silverman (Cultural theorist)
Flesh of my flesh: appropriation and memory in visual culture
Alia Syed (Artist)
Memory, desire and the diasporic subject
Fakhry Davids (Psychoanalyst)
Finding ourselves in the modern world: conflict, identity and globalisation
Lubaina Himid (Artist)
Buy one get one free : The use of text and image in the search for belonging (2004)

Chair : Tamar Garb

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