Psychoanalysis After Freud: Jung and Analytical Psychology

A one day intensive course with Dr Keith Barrett.

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18 January, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

£48 - £65

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Jung’s break with Freud brought the first major split in the psychoanalytic movement.

It would have profound repercussions, both intellectual and emotional, for both men. Nevertheless, their fundamental philosophical assumptions were so different that it is their intense six-year collaboration which calls for explanation – rather than the break that brought it to an end. There are crucial differences in philosophy and outlook separating these great innovators. We’ll see how these differences led to the creation of two completely different practices of psychotherapy, exploring Jung’s unique contribution both to theory and to the art of therapy.

Course layout:

Session 1: Initially we’ll look at the philosophical roots of Jung’s psychology, contrasting these with the philosophical roots of Freud’s theories, and follow the development of Jung’s ideas up to the publication of his first major work, ‘Symbols of Transformation’ (1913).

Session 2: We will study Jung’s personal ‘confrontation with the unconscious’ as it unfolded in the years following the break with Freud, and trace the emergence of the principal ideas of his mature psychology from this process.

Session 3: His later writings on religion and alchemy will inform our final session. We’ll review the principles and methods of Jungian psychotherapy today (with children and adults), examining the distinctive Jungian approach to dreams, the practice of active imagination, and the use of art, imagery, sandplay and movement in psychotherapy.


18 January
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
£48 - £65
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