The Freud Museum


Festival of the Unconscious 2

Exhibition Worksheet

1. Go to the artwork called ‘The Portrait of Jean Genet’ in the dining room.

  • Look at the cube on the video screen. Which way is it rotating? Look again. Are you sure?
  • What could the link be between the rotating cube and the ‘L’amour/La Mort’ video on the other screen?

2. Go to the panel ‘The Freudian Unconscious: A Visual Timeline’ in the exhibition room.

  • Do you think Freud was trying to depict what the brain looked like? Or something else?
  • Look at the two diagrams from 1923 and 1933. The one on the left has an area labelled ‘acoust.’ (acoustic). The same area is marked ‘superego’ on the diagram on the right. How do you think the superego is related to sound and hearing?

3. Go to the artwork called ‘The Dream Collector’ in the Anna Freud room (the five TV sets) and listen to one of the dreams.

  • Can you identify any symbolism in the dream?
  • What do you think a psychoanalyst might ask about the dream?

4. Go to the exhibition room and lie on the couch. Why do you think Freud put his patients on the couch instead of meeting with them face to face?

5. Look at the scrolling LED twitterfeed in the exhibition room. Can you identify a hidden intention in any of the tweets?

6. Go to the study and watch the ‘Cold Dark Matter’ multimedia display (it happens every 15 minutes: on the hour, quarter past, half past and quarter to).

  • How do you think it relates to the unconscious?
  • Why do you think human beings are so obsessed with understanding their origins?
The Portrait of Jean Genet by London-based art collective Disinformation

The Portrait of Jean Genet by London-based art collective Disinformation

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