The Freud Museum


Kids Company - Hide and Seek

Psychoanalytic Quiz

1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study, what kind of personality would you say he had?

What evidence is there that Freud was 'hiding' from something or 'seeking' something?

2. There are many pictures in the museum of places that were important to Freud.

Pick one place and say why you think it may have been significant to him.

How would the place have inspired Freud in his work?

3. Freud collected many objects from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Why do you think he collected so many objects?

4. Look at the pictures and objects in the ‘Hide and Seek’ exhibition

Which one do you think Freud would have liked the best?

Why did you pick this piece in particular?

5. Take one of the objects or pictures from ‘Hide and Seek’.

How do you think making this object could help in the processing of traumatic experiences for a child or young person?

6. Freud said that dreams represent the disguised fulfilment of a wish.

If Freud's study was a dream what is the wish you can find expressed in it?


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