The Freud Museum


Les Paris sont Ouverts

Psychoanalytic Quiz


1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study and the rest of the house, what kind of personality would you say he had?

How would you describe his personality using ‘psychological’ terms?

2. Look at the objects in the exhibition room upstairs.

Which one do you think was most important to Freud and why?

3. Caroline May’s ‘Killing Pictures’ in the exhibition room, show photographs of public spaces without reference to the crimes that took place there.

Can the absence of something be experienced? How?

4. Look at the exhibition photographs in the Anna Freud Room.

Flowers are usually associated with the female sex. Why do you think the artist has used flowers in relation to the male sexual organ?

5. Sharon Kivland’s work in the dining room illustrates different meanings of the word ‘mother’ in Freud’s work, hand-written by her son.

Which meaning do you think is most important?

6. Look at the Freud Family Tree on the staircase.

What evidence can you find about Freud’s life which may have influenced the development of his work?


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