The Freud Museum


Alice Anderson - Childhood Rituals

Psychoanalytic Quiz

The worksheet should be completed in small groups after you have looked round the museum.

1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study and the rest of the house, what kind of personality would you say he had?

Use psychological terms in your answer.

What were the things most important to him and why?

2. Alice Anderson’s exhibition ‘Childhood Rituals’ is made up entirely of synthetic doll’s hair in different forms.

What are the different ways the hair is used?

Why do you think hair is so important to her?

3. Alice Anderson traces her art back to the childhood rituals she developed when her parents went away. That is, as a response to 'separation anxiety'.

What clues are there that other factors may also be at play in the development of her work?

4. Alice Anderson uses a part of her body as the basis of her art.

From the evidence of her work, what bodily ailments would you say she might suffer from?

5. You work for an advertising company selling shampoo and conditioner. Your creative team has been given the job to come up with the idea for an advertisement based on one of the following slogans:

(1) “Ego in a bottle”
(2) “Free your Id”
(3) “Superego hair control”

Create your advert using one of these slogans and then pitch it to the rest of the class.

(The advertisement may be in any medium – print, radio, TV, Film or internet)

Download worksheet (pdf file)


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