The Freud Museum


Objects in Mind 3

Activity Worksheet

(1) Look at the photocubes on the ‘Objects Timeline’ table.

Can you reconstruct the picture on the right?
What does the portrait tell you about Freud’s personality?

(2) Now put the photocubes back in the right order.

Explain your decisions to the rest of the group.
Pick three kinds of object that apply to your own life.

(3) Look at the panels going up the stairs.

Can you find the objects which are pictured on the panels in the cabinet at the bottom of the stairs?
What do these objects tell you about psychoanalysis? (i.e. imagine that the objects were like ‘logos’ of psychoanalysis)

(4) Complete these cards on the desk in the Exhibition room.

What is in your mind?
Draw or describe the most significant objects for you

What would Freud say?
Choose an artist from the photographs and guess what Freud would
say about them

What is Freud thinking?
What would Freud think of Maggi Hambling’s painting?

And finally,

(5) Choose a partner and draw their portrait on the card provided.

Choose an object from Freud’s collection that you think says most about that person, and add that to your portrait.



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