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Objects in Mind 2

What's the story?

To answer these questions you must use evidence from the OBJECTS IN MIND exhibition and the rest of the house. All the questions refer to elements in Maggi Hambling’s painting or in Freud’s life. The task is to interpret behaviour by creating a ‘story’.

1. A man is asked whether he wants tea or coffee, but he doesn’t know the answer. What’s the story?

2. A woman has a ‘thing’ for penguins and becomes a researcher on an Antarctic station. What’s the story?

3. A woman says she ‘hates tomatoes’. What’s the story?

4. A young man is sitting on a park bench with his girlfriend and he sees a leaf fall from a tree. He is overcome with a feeling of unconditional love. What’s the story?

5. A woman sees a leaf fall from a tree. She suddenly becomes anxious that she has forgotten to lock her front door. What’s the story?

6. A toddler sees a seagull for the first time and bursts out laughing. What’s the story?

7. A man sees an aeroplane flying overhead and suddenly has a feeling that he is going to die. What’s the story?

8. A teenage girl dreams of a snake. What’s the story?

9. A man with a passionate interest in Greek mythology finally gets to Athens and has a ‘funny turn’. What’s the story?

10. A man’s father dies and he starts to collect antiquities. What’s the story?

11. A man has a special chair made for him that looks like a person. What’s the story?

12. An Austrian doctor says he always wanted to become an Englishman. What’s the story?

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