The Freud Museum


Andy Hope 1930 at the Freud

Exhibition Quiz

1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study, how do you think he arrived at his ideas?

2. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study and the Interpretation of Dreams exhibition, what kind of personality would you say he had?

How would you describe his personality using terms from psychology?

3. Look at the Andreas Hofer exhibition installed in the museum.

What part of the exhibition do you like best?

Which bit do you think Freud would have liked best?

Write down three 'themes' that you can find in the exhibition.

4. Look at the toys in Andreas Hofer's exhibition.

What sort of toys do you think Freud might have played with as a child?

Pick three of the toys and describe what pleasure children get from playing with them.

What other reasons may there be for playing with toys?

5. Why do you think Andreas Hofer collected so many objects?

Why do you think Freud collected so many objects?

6. The Andy Hope exhibition is in four parts of the museum.*

For each room think of at least one connection between the art objects and psychoanalysis.

* Stairwell; Study; Exhibition Room; Anna Freud Room


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