The Freud Museum


Hysteria Exhibition Worksheet

Psychoanalytic Quiz

1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study, how do you think he arrived at his ideas?

What do you make of the picture that hangs above the couch?

What does the picture tell you about psychoanalysis?

What other picture might he have chosen?

2. What is your favourite exhibit in the 'Hysteria' exhibition?

What part do you think Freud would have liked best, and why?

What would that tell you about Freud's 'personality'?

3. Freud said that "Hysterics suffer from reminiscences".

What do you think he meant by that?

Is there any evidence in the house that Freud suffered from 'reminiscences'

4. Look at some of the projected images in the exhibition room upstairs.

What emotions do you see in the faces of the women?

What other kinds of images do these remind you of?

5. Look at the Zoetrope in the Anna Freud room upstairs.

Why do think children like smashing things up?

What other evidence of destructiveness can you find in the museum?

6. Tree stumps appear in his study and consulting room, emitting strange evocative birdsong.

If that was Freud's dream, what does it mean?

Remember: Freud said that dreams represent the fulfillment of a wish.



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