The Freud Museum


Polymorphous Perverse

Psychoanalytic Quiz

  1. From the evidence you can find in Freud's study and the Interpretation of Dreams exhibition, what kind of personality would you say he had?

    Use 'psychological' and 'everyday' concepts in your answer.
  2. Look at the objects in the Freud's Sculpture exhibition upstairs.

    Which one do you think was Freud's favourite?

    Why do you think he collected so many objects?
  3.  Look closely at Noble and Webster's installation Scarlett in the Anna Freud room.

    What erotogenic zones are depicted in the piece?

    What different forms of pleasure are being enacted?

    What instincts or drives can you see represented?
  4. Tim Noble said that Scarlett is "like a thought bubble emanating from Anna Freud's couch"

    What thoughts or fantasies can you see embodied in it?

    What unconscious wishes can you see?
  5. Children growing up have to figure out lots of things about the world they live in (including other people)

    What are the intellectual puzzles that are represented in the work?

    (NB. Children's questions often take the form "What's the difference between ...?" - what other sorts of questions do children ask?)
  6. Many people find Scarlett disturbing to contemplate and Serving Suggestion (in the hallway) quite amusing.

    Why is that?

    What are the particular elements of Scarlett that you find most disturbing?

    What are the differences and similarities between the two works?
  7. Black Narcissus is the sculpture in the study which throws a shadow onto the wall.

    What is the connection between this work and the myth of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection?

    Can you think of any other Greek myths that may be linked to the piece?
  8. What are the components that make up Black Narcissus?

    Describe how these elements interact.
  9. What themes link the three works in the show?

    Can you think of a story that links Scarlett, Black Narcissus and Serving Suggestion?



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