The Freud Museum


Dream Exhibition Worksheet 3

These questions refer to the Dream Exhibition displayed thoughout the museum. They refer to some material which is not in the virtual exhibition. Most of the questions ask you to make up a story or interpretation about events in the dream material.

  1. Freud said that a dream represents the 'fulfilment of a wish'.
    What different kinds of wishes are revealed in the exhibition?

  2. What 'infantile situation' or childhood memory might Freud be referring to in the 'Funeral' dream (Study)

  3. How do you think a 'carefully brought up' young woman discovered that a candle can be used for sexual purposes? (Dining Room)

  4. In the 'Water Dream' in the hall, why do you think the dream element 'moon' appears in the dream?

  5. From what you can infer about Freud, and from what he says in the 'Staircase Dream', why do you think he used to spit on other people's steps? (Staircase)
    Why do you think he told us about it in his book?

  6.  From the evidence of the dreams in the exhibition room and landing, how would you describe Freud's childhood relationship to his father?

  7. In the 'Strawberries' dream (Anna Freud room), apart from the wish to eat strawberries, what emotional attitudes towards other people are expressed in the dream?

  8. Imagine you had to spend the night in Freud's study. Make up a short dream you might have during the night.

Please feel free to copy and paste a version of this worksheet to edit and use during your visit.



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