The Freud Museum


Dream Exhibition Worksheet 2

These questions follow the argument in The Interpretation of Dreams. Use examples from the Dream Exhibition in the museum, or the virtual exhibition on the website. Do not choose the same examples that are given on the Theory pages of the virtual exhibition.

  1. Freud said: "Dreams are the fulfilment of a wish"
    Find an example of a simple wish-fulfilling dream.
    Is there only wish in the dream? 

  2. Freud said: "Dreams are the disguised fulfilment of a wish"
     What example can you give?
     How is it disguised? 

  3. Freud said: "Dreams are the disguised fulfilment of a repressed wish"
     Find an example.
     What is the repressed wish? 

  4. Finally he said: "Dreams are the disguised fulfilment of a repressed, infantile wish"
     Find an example once more.
     What is the infantile situation that the dream corresponds to? 

  5. Imagine that Freud's study is a dream.
     What is the wish you can find expressed in it? 

  6. From reading some of the dreams placed round the museum, how do you think Freud's book might help you in the study of literature?

Please feel free to download a Word version of this worksheet to edit and use.


The temple of Abu Simbel

The temple of Abu Simbel

Freud's study

Freud's study

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