The Freud Museum


Freud Quiz

  1. How many pictures of Freud himself are there in the museum?
    Which one do you think was his favourite?
    Where did you find the picture on the right?
  2. Freud collected lots of objects from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
    Why do you think he collected so many objects?
    Draw the one you think was his favourite.
    Why do you think he liked that object in particular?
  3. Draw the chair behind Freud's desk.
    What do you think it represents?
    what does it remind you of?
    what does it look like?
    what do you think it stands for?
  4. Freud wrote a book called "The Interpretation of Dreams".
    What other people do you know who tried to interpret
  5. Imagine that you had to spend a night in Freud's study.
    Make up a (short!) dream that you might have during
    the night.
  6. Freud had six children - three boys and three girls. One of the girls became a psychoanalyst like her father.
    Which one was it - the oldest? the middle? or the youngest?
    Why do you think she wanted to be a psychoanalyst?

For pdf versions of the worksheet please click here (version 1) and here (version 2)


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