The Freud Museum


Freud Museum: Questionnaire

All these questions can be answered by using information from the museum and perhaps a little research!


  1. Why did Freud come to London?
  2. How many children did Freud have?
  3. Which one of them designed the roof of the conservatory?
  4. What was the name of Freud's daughter, who became a psychoanalyst and lived here until her death in 1982?
  5. What didFreud's daughter do before she became a psychoanalyst?
  6. What were the two books she published in 1927 and 1936 respectively?
  7. What book was Freud writing when he came to London, which he completed here?
  8. What other evidence is there in the museum that Freud was interested in this subject?
  9. Complete the titles: "...and the riddle of the Sphinx"; "The lesson of Doctor ...". Where can you find these paintings?
  10. To which artist did Freud say: "... it gives me great pleasure and I should really thank you for the trouble you have taken in reproducing my ugly face ..."?
  11. Briefly describe the relative positions taken up in a therapy session by Freud and his patients.
  12. Why did Freud think this was a good therapeutic arrangement?
  13. Freud sometimes used to handle his antiquities when he was seeing patients. Where did he get most of the objects from?
  14. What was the connection Freud saw between psychoanalysis and archaeology?
  15.  Apart from collecting antiquities what other 'addiction' did Freud confess to?



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