The Freud Museum


Dream Weaving Project

Community Tapestry Project for Everyone and their Dreams

The Freud Museum London invited the people of Camden to join local tapestry artist Melanie at various venues around the borough for afternoons of the therapeutic weaving of dreams. These drop-in sessions ran from Jan - March 2010 and were open to all ages as a great way to learn new skills, relax on a lunch break, meet new people and share their dreams. The project brought together the thoughts and rituals of the Freud Museum London’s two historic personalities: Sigmund and Anna Freud.

The activity of weaving has given language some of its profoundest metaphors. Past and present are ‘woven together’ or we speak of a ‘weave’ of personal and social relations. This tapestry project weaves together: the ideas and influences of father and daughter; the dream images that we share form our private realms; and a diverse community labouring in a common task.

Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalysis and the Couch
Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis. His use of dream analysis and ‘free association’ became key components in his therapeutic model, a way of revealing the patients unconscious thoughts.

Anna Freud: Therapy, weaving and the Loom
Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund) was a pioneer of Child Psychoanalysis. She was also a keen weaver and the wooden loom that stands in the Anna Freud room in the Freud Museum is still in use today. Anna found weaving to be both useful and therapeutic; a way to both relax and concentrate.



Photographic documentation of this project by Jodi Warren

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