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We would like to thank Veterans Les, Alan, Hugh, John, David and Ted for talking openly and sharing their experiences. Their voices are available in the Archaeology of Conflict's edited oral-archive at the Freud Museum as a resource for future learning.

Here are some snippets of testimonials and a mini podcast as introduction to this resource:

“You’re in a really close-knit group, you’re closer to these guys than you are to your own parents and everybody didn’t want to give up and show that they had any weaknesses or they were too tired, and it was only on very rare occasions that people used to open up to each other and say, ‘Look I just can’t do this, I’m absolutely terrified” or whatever.”

“Basically within a six-month period I went from secure, happy in my job, quite technically qualified, looking forward to further promotion to being BANG you’re in a council house in Newcastle, sort your life out – Its as if you’ve just left school.”

On finding Combat Stress “a floodgate of help just appears out of nowhere”

“My mother was very loving but my father as very strict […] he had a strict upbringing and he brought that down on us as well, I found it difficult to get close to him, I mean he wasn’t the type of gentleman that you could go up and put your arms round and he’d cuddle you, where my mother would so I had two different experiences of life but I try not to do that with my children, not to push them away, though they tell me I do, so I try not to do it.”

“I couldn’t get on in Civvy life. I worked in an off license but because I couldn’t smile I couldn’t get a promotion.”

“I’ve said more to you here today than I’ve said to anybody at home because they don’t really understand a lot what goes on in the military and all that.”

“What I found in my case is that it wasn’t a particular event, but it was an accumulative series it was something that built up and up and up.”

Click here to listen to Ted, one of the veterans, share his experiences.

<p>The A-Level group arrive at Combat Stress treatment centre Surrey</p>

The A-Level group arrive at Combat Stress treatment centre Surrey

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