The Freud Museum


Why did Freud collect so many antiquities?

  • Because of the death of his father. He was trying to connect to his ancestral Judaic roots in some way.
  • It was a defiant gesture against the prohibition given by Moses not to worship graven images.
  • Because it gave him a sense of control over the past, and made him feel important.
  • Because the objects inspired him and filled him with ideas for his work.
  • Because the objects calmed him down in some way. They were like pacifiers for a child.
  • Because he had an 'addictive personality'
  • Because he had an 'obsessional personality' or an 'anal character'
  • The objects were mysterious and ancient. They gave him a sense of access to magical power.
  • Because the objects represented his work of excavation of the layers of the mind.
  • Because some of the special people he admired and wanted to emulate also collected antiquities.
  • Because it was part of the general bourgeoise culture of the time.
  • Because the antiquities (figures and various kinds of receptacles) externalized his inner conflict between male and female dimensions.
  • Because by creating his own museum it made him feel that he, too, was immortal.
  • Nobody really knows. Your guess is as good as mine!

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