The Freud Museum


Freud's Later Work on Dreams

This section gives précis and quotations from some of Freud's later work on dreams and illustrates how dream theory evolved over the years. The most important change concerns the use of dream interpretation in analysis. Experience proved that the initial optimism was somewhat misplaced. Dream interpretation had to be subordinated to the requirements of the treatment as a whole. The basic theory, of which Freud was so proud, largely remained intact, despite the preeminent importance of anxiety in his work after 1926 (Inhibitions Symptoms and Anxiety), and despite the changes wrought by the 'structural theory' of ego, id and superego after 1923 (The Ego and the Id ). These are just a few of the papers Freud wrote on the subject. A large section of Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1917) was devoted to dreams.

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