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Extended Bibliography

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Freud's works on Religion

'SE' refers to the Standard Edition of Freud's Psychological Works (Hogarth Press)

(1907) 'Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices'. S.E. 9
(1911) 'The Significance of Sequences of Vowels'. S.E. 12
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(1933) The Question of a 'Weltanschauung' In: New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis, Lecture XXXV: S.E. 22
(1939) Moses and Monotheism. S.E. 23

Works about Freud's Jewish background

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Freud and Religion

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Works on Psychoanalysis and its Jewish Origins/Judaism

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General Works on Psychoanalysis and Religion

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Specific Religions and Traditions

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Mental Health and Religion

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The Psychology of Religion and religious experience

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The Role of Religion in Psychotherapy

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Religion and fantasy

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Gender issues

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The idea of God

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Reviews of many of these titles can be found in journals such as The International Journal of Psychoanalysis; the Psychoanalytic Quarterly: the British Journal of Psychoanalysis and relevant issues of Psychoanalytic Books published by Psychoanalytic Books Inc, New York.

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