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1856 Freud born on 6 May in Freiberg, Moravia.

1856 Treaty of San Stefano ends Crimean War. George Bernard Shaw and Woodrow Wilson born. Heinrich Heine dies.

1859 Freud Famiily move from Freiberg to Leipzig.

1859 Darwin publishes 'The Origin of Species'. Third edition of Schopenhauer's 'The World as Will and Representation'. Building of Suez Canal begun. Austria at war with Piedmont.

1860 Family settles in Vienna.

1861-1865 American Civil War.
1863 International Red Cross set up at Geneva.

1865 Freud enters Leopoldstadter Gymnasium school.

1865 Mendel discovers the laws of heredity. Abraham Lincoln assassinated.
1860s Bismarck engineers movement towards German unification.
1868 First plastic (celluloid) produced by John W. Hyatt. Dry cell battery patented by Georges Leclanche.
1869 Franco-Prussian War.

1873 Freud hears essay 'On Nature' (attributed to Goethe). Decides to study medicine at the University of Vienna. Reads Oedipus Rex for final school examinations.

1874 Safety Bicycle invented by A.J. Lawson.
1875-6 Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
1876 Internal combustion engine designed by N.A. Otto. Battle of the Little Big Horn.

1877 Freud's first publications on intersexuality in eels and on Petromyzon.

1877 Edison's phonograph. Russo-Turkish War.
1878 Mayerling Affair: heir to Austrian throne commits suicide.

1881 Freud graduates as doctor of medicine.

1881 Assassination of Tsar Alexander II. Robert Koch discovers tuberculosis bacillus.

1882 Freud becomes engaged to Martha Bernays.

1883 Carbon-filament light produced by T A Edison and Joseph Swan.

1882-5 Freud works in Vienna General Hospital.

1885 Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler construct first motor car.

1884-7 Freud researches clinical uses of cocaine.

1886 Statue of Liberty unveiled.

1885-6 Freud studies under Charcot at the Salpetriere Hospital, Paris. Charcot provides new insight into hysteria and uses hypnosis.

1886 Freud sets up private practice; marries Martha Bernays.

1887 Freud treats nervous diseases in his practice; introduces hypnotic suggestion.

1889 Eiffel tower opened for the International Exhibition in Paris.

1891 Freud writes 'On Aphasia', about language disorders and neurology.

1893-6 Works with Josef Breuer on case histories (including that of 'Anna O') which later become 'Studies on Hysteria' (1895). Introduces the idea that the symptoms of hysteria were symbolic representations of traumatic memories, often of a sexual nature. 

1894 The Dreyfus Affair: a wave of antisemitism sweeps France. First Vienna Football Club established in the Döbling district.

1895 Drafts 'Project for a Scientific Psychology', an attempt to work out a psychology based on neurological terms. Birth of Anna Freud (Dec 3)'

1895 First public cinema performance in Paris. Roentgen discovers X-rays. Pocket camera produced by Kodak. Oscar Wilde imprisoned for homosexuality.

1896 First use of the term 'psychoanalysis'; death of his father.

1897 Karl Lueger, antisemitic mayor of Vienna, elected.

1897 Freud's self-analysis begins, leading to the abandonment of the
trauma theory of neurosis (developed with Breuer), recognition of infantile sexuality and the 'Oedipus complex'.

1898 First commercial wireless telegram transmitted.

1899 Publishes 'The Interpretation of Dreams' in December with the publication date of '1900'. Freud's favourite book containing dozens of dream analyses on '"the royal road to the unconscious".

1900 Blood groups discovered by Karl Landsteiner. Arthur Schnitzler's play 'La Ronde' causes a scandal in Berlin. Friedrich Nietzsche dies.

1901 'The Psychopathology of Everyday Life'; introduction of the 'Freudian slip'.

1902 Lenin writes 'What is to be done?'

1902 Founding of the 'Wednesday Psychological Society'.

1903 Wright Brothers' first powered flight at Kitty Hawk.

1905 'Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality'; 'Dora' case published (although the case dates from 1899). 'Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious'.

1904 Russo-Japanese War. Pavlov receives Nobel Prize for work on digestion.

1906 Freud becomes friend and colleague of the Swiss adherent of psychoanalysis, Carl Gustav Jung.

1905 First Russian Revolution crushed. Sinn Fein founded. Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity'. Binet's first intelligence test.
1907 Picasso paints 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon'.

1908 Salzburg: first International Meeting of Psychoanalysts.

1908 Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina. Picasso and Braque found Cubism.

1909 Freud and Jung travel to the U.S.A. and give the Clark Lectures: first lectures on psychoanalysis in America. (Freud is not enamoured of America; calls it a "big mistake".)

1912 Jung returns to U.S.A.

1912 War in the Balkans.

1912-3 Freud publishes 'Totem and Taboo' which explores how culture and society are rooted in the prohibition against incest, an assertion contrary to the development of Jung's studies.

1913 First Charlie Chaplin film. Proust's 'A la Recherche du Temps Perdu' published.

1914 Secession of Jung from the official psychoanalytic movement.

1914 Passports made compulsory for foreign travel.
1914-18 First World War
1916 Easter uprising in Ireland. Saussure's 'Course in General Linguistics' published posthumously.

1915-7 'Introductory Lectures' given.

1917 Russian Revolution. Balfour Declaration on Palestine.

1919 Freud observes soldiers traumatized by the war.

1919 Eclipse expedition shows the bending of light by gravity, as predicted by Einstein's 'General Theory of Relativity.' Treaty of Versailles signed June 28. 'Spartakus' revolt brutally suppressed in Germany.

1920 Death of daughter, Sophie. Publishes 'Beyond the Pleasure Principle' which introduces new theories of the 'compulsion to repeat' and the concept of the 'death drive', as well as a revision of the 1900 theory of dreams as wish fulfilments. 6th International Psychoanalytic Congress held at the Hague (the first after the War).

1920 First meeting of the League of Nations. Nazi party formed in Germany. Degrees first open to women at Oxford University.

1921 Publishes 'Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego'.

1921 Founding of BBC. Partition of Ireland.

1922 Mussolini rises to power. James Joyce's 'Ulysses' published.

1923 'The Ego and the Id' deals with a new account of the structure of the mind, revising the 'conscious/pre-conscious/ unconscious' distinction to be found in 'The Interpretation of Dreams'. Freud diagnosed as suffering from cancer. Freud's grandson, Heinerle, dies. Freud writes: "I don't think I have ever experienced such grief.. Fundamentally everything has lost its meaning for me."

1923 Great Depression in Germany and Austria. Ruhr occupied by France and Belgium.
1925 Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' published in Germany

1926 'Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety'. Freud makes anxiety the cornerstone of his developmental theory.

1926 General Strike in Britain.

1927 'The Future of an Illusion'. A consideration of the origins and function of religion. Freud, here, explicitly states his atheism.

1927 First Five Year Plan in Soviet Union. Lindberg flies solo across the Atlantic.
1929 Stock Market crash on Wall St. Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.

1930 'Civilization and its Discontents.'  A profoundly pessimistic account of the irreconcilability of personal drives and the demands of society.

1932 James Chadwick discovers the neutron. Franklin D Roosevelt elected president of United States.

1932 'Why War?' - an exchange of letters with Albert Einstein.

1933 Hitler gains power. Reichstag fire and book burning in Germany.

1933 Freud's books, along with other psychoanalytical works, publicly burned by the Nazis in Berlin. "Against the soul-destroying glorification of the instinctual life, for the nobility of the human soul! I consign to the flames the writings of the school of Sigmund Freud"

1934 Austrian Chancellor, Dollfuss, murdered by Nazis. Mao Tse Tung sets out on Long March.
1935 Leucotomy introduced by Egas Moniz. Antisemitic Nuremberg Laws passed in Germany.

1936 Freud's 80th birthday. Honoured by the Royal Society in Britain who make him a corresponding fellow.

1936 Beginning of Spanish Civil War. First BBC television transmission. SS Deathshead division established to guard concentration camps. Olympic Games held in Berlin.

1938 Freud moves to 20, Maresfield Gardens, London NW3. Continues work, seeing patients and finishing 'Moses and Monotheism' and 'An Outline of Psychoanalysis'.

1938 Munich Agreement; Nazis annex Austria.
1939 Outbreak of Second World War. Nylon stockings invented

1939 Dies in London on 23 September.

1942 Freud' s sister Adolphine dies in Theresienstadt transit camp. Mitzi, Rosa and Paula transported to Treblinka extermination camp.

1941-1945 Holocaust.


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