This learning session provides an accessible introduction to Freud’s life and work.

Format: Zoom meeting OR in-person session
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £150 (in person, plus admission)* / £100 (online)**
Suitability: KS5***
Availability: Monday-Friday

* in-person sessions can be booked as part of a learning visit
** reductions available for multiple classes
*** can be tailored to KS4 and HE students

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Session description

Discover the story of psychoanalysis through objects and archive material from the Freud Museum’s collection, touching on some of the key concepts in the psychodynamic approach.

Guided by a subject expert from the Freud Museum’s education team, participants will learn about some of the most influential and controversial theories in the history of psychology, and the man behind them.

In this session:

  • Why bother with Freud?
  • Freud’s life and times
  • His method and key ideas
  • Some key points of comparison with other approaches in psychology.
  • Plenty of time for discussion and debate!
“I do not wish to arouse conviction; I wish to stimulate thought and to upset prejudices.”Sigmund Freud

Made to measure!

‘Introducing Freud’ has been devised as an enrichment session for A Level Psychology students, but can be tailored for KS4 and HE students, either as an introduction to Freud or to consolidate classroom learning.

We use a flexible format and adjust each session to the interests and abilities of each group. Let us know your requirements when you book!

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