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Wild strawberries

“My youngest daughter, then nineteen months old, had had an attack of vomiting one morning and had consequently been kept without food all day.
During the night after this day of starvation she was heard calling out excitedly in her sleep: ‘Anna Freud, stwawbewwies, wild stwawbewwies, omblet, pudden!’

At that time she was in the habit of using her own name to express the idea of taking possession of something. The menu included pretty well everything that must have seemed to her to to make up a desirable meal.

The fact that strawberries appeared in it in two varieties was a demonstration against the domestic health regulations. It was based upon the circumstance, which she had no doubt observed, that her nurse had attributed her indisposition to a surfeit of strawberries. She was thus retaliating in her dream against this unwelcome verdict.”

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