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A Child's Dream

Oliver Freud's Dream [age 5 years]
The dreams of young children are frequently pure wish-fulfilments....

The dream occured after an excursion to the lovely village of Hallstatt in the summer of 1896. From the Freuds' holiday home they enjoyed a splendid view of the Dachstein mountain, on which the Simony Hut could be seen through a telescope. Before the excursion Freud had told the children that Hallstatt lay at the foot of the Dachstein.
Each time a new mountain came into view during their excursion Oliver had asked if that was the Dachstein and Freud had to say ‘No, only one of the foothills.’

Next morning Oliver came to his father with a radiant face and said: "Last night I dreamt we were at the Simony Hut."

Freud tried to discover the dream's details, but they were scanty: ‘You have to climb up steps for six hours’ – which was what he had been told.

When the boy found he was being fobbed off with foothills… he felt disappointed…

The dream was a compensation.

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