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The Sandman

E.T.A. Hoffmann’s short story The Sandman (1816) has spooked and inspired many with its troubling tale of the folkloric Sandman who haunts the protagonist Nathaniel.  This blog post is about this well-known story that Freud references in his 1919 essay ‘The Uncanny’, looking at why it was such an apt and powerful inspiration for Freud […]

The Entrance Hall

Susan Finlay, our Writer in Residence, with the first of her textual vignettes prompted by objects in Freud's collection.

The Tory Power Stance: A Developmental Perspective

The ‘Tory Power Stance’, as it has been dubbed, is a pose designed to project masculine power and authority. Various hypotheses have been offered as to the origin of the pose and what it might signify. In this paper Ivan Ward offers an alternative view.