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The Landing

Susan Finlay, our Writer in Residence, with the fifth of her textual vignettes prompted by objects in Freud's collection.

Freud and his Cigars

Sigmund Freud was honest about his addiction to smoking cigars. Here we look at how his addiction began, what he said about it and his smoking paraphernalia.

Freud’s English Home

Freud found something congenial about England. For some reason he felt at home here; feeling an almost instinctual rapport with the country.

Freud At Home

For Freud, home was always a live/work space. In this new series we’ll be looking at where Sigmund Freud and his family lived and worked.

Home Is Where The Heart Is – Part 1

Due to the current guidelines around social distancing, many of us have recently had to become more acquainted with our own homes. Our collective wish to spend more time at home may not be as trouble-free as was once thought.