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Keeping Schtum – a secret history of Jewish football

This talk unravels the secret history of Jewish football in the UK, Europe and beyond, showing that the game’s transformation would not have been possible without such Jewish Sports Legends as Louis Bookman, Harry Morris, Leslie Goldberg, Mark Lazarus and Morris Keston.

Projections: David Lynch’s Blurred Identity Trilogy

Making sense of David Lynch's films can be a daunting task! The following films by David Lynch have captivated and mystified audiences around the world; Freudian psychoanalysis offers a chance to decipher the American director's luxurious cinematic dreamscapes.

Mark the Music: Jews, Music and Viennese Modernity

This lecture will look at this world from the perspectives of Jews from Herzl to Freud to Mahler and ask why Jews were both welcomed into the musical world and yet were never quite at home in it. 'Mark the Music' is a means of understanding modern Jewish cultural sensibilities in a hostile cultural environment.

Photography and Freud: From Roma-Amor to Erotic Saturn

In the period from Freud's childhood to his old-age ruminations, several kinds of photographs were prominent: portraits, psychiatric illustrations, archaeological photography, and ethnographic documentation. These images along with the erotic photography and films of the era, that Mary Bernstein will introduce, paralleled the phenomena of Freudian memories and dreams.