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Mask from a Coffin

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4384, Mask from a Coffin, New Kingdom (19th Dynasty); 1292-1190 B.C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Egyptian
Material: Gessoed and painted wood
Dimensions: 9 x 7 in / 24.5 x 18.7 cm

This wooden mask was once pegged on to an anthropoid coffin. Starting in the Early Dynastic Period (2965-2705 B.C.), coffins became important to Egyptian culture as the eternal home and protection of the deceased. Originally just small boxes, coffins developed into anthropoid shapes and finally several nested coffins, such as the famous King Tutankhamun’s.

Over time the colours of Freud’s mask have darkened, but the face was once a creamy yellow. The dowel peg for a beard is still intact, identifying the mummy as male.

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