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Shabti of Imhotep Born of Bastetirdis

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3351, Shabti of Imhotep Born of Bastetirdis, Late Period (30th Dynasty); 380-342 B.C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Egyptian
Material: Egyptian faience
Dimensions: h. 8 in. / 20.3 cm

Made of pale green Egyptian faience, this shabti holds several farming implements: a pick, a hoe, and a basket rope. Shabtis such as this one were intended to carry out menial tasks for the deceased in the afterlife and thus were suited with tools.

The hieroglyphic text on the lower part of the figure has an excerpt from the Book of the Dead, and names the owner as ‘the god’s father Imhotep, born of Bastetirdis,’ a priest’s title. Freud’s collection also contains an almost identical shabti of Imhotep’s brother.

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