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Shabti Figure of Djehutyemheb

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3269, Shabti Figure of Djehutyemheb, New Kingdom (late 18th-19th Dynasty); c. 1323-1190 B.C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Egyptian
Material: Indurated limestone; with head of gessoed and painted wood
Dimensions: h. 8 / in. 21 cm

Unusual because of its composite materials, this shabti figure’s body is made of limestone while the head is gessoed and painted wood. It also would have had wooden feet and crossed arms, now lost. His elaborate costume, with pleats and apron, was common on shabtis of the late 18th and 19th Dynasty. Across his apron are several lines of text that identify the owner as Djehutyemheb, ‘overseer of cattle in the Temple of Re.’

The apron hieroglyphs also contain an excerpt from the Book of the Dead, an Egyptian funerary text that consisted of over two hundred ‘spells’ to aid the deceased in their journey through the afterlife.

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