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Shabti Figure of Senna

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3271, Shabti Figure of Senna, New Kingdom (18th Dynasty); Tuthmosis III- Amenophis II; 1479-1400 B.C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Egyptian
Material: limestone
Dimensions: h. 9 in. 23 cm

Figurines of mummies, called shabtis, started to be manufactured towards the end of the Middle Kingdom, and were originally intended as substitutes for the deceased. As time went on, they became regarded as deputies who carried out menial tasks in the afterlife for the deceased. The earliest shabtis, like this one, were carved in stone, but as time went on various other materials, such as wood, bronze, glass and faience, were used.

Although the text on the lower part of the shabti has faded, we know the identity of the owner by an identical figure, located in Bologna. The hieroglyphs have excerpts from the Book of the Dead.

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