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Wall Relief Depicting Official

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4379, Wall Relief Depicting Official, In the style of the Egyptian New Kingdom (late 18th Dynasty); 1353-1292 B.C.

Culture: forgery
Material: Lime-stone
Dimensions: h. 25 in. 63.4 cm

This sunken relief depicts a court official with arms raised in adoration, a typical scene found on the doors jambs of tomb chapels. The relief displays the Amarna art style of the reigns of Kings Akhenaten and Horemheb. Under the reign of Akhenaten, Egyptian religion changed to worshipping Aten above all other gods, making Akhenaten extremely unpopular and seen as a heretic. With the new religion came a new art style characterized by less idealized, but still highly stylized, figures.

The Freud relief, however, is a modern forgery. Many of the details do not quite match Amarna characteristics such as the proportions of the body and the wig. Both the back and left side have been cut in modern times, and are too neatly done to be from blocks hastily reduced in size for the art market. This high quality fake may have been done by the Berlin Forger, Oxan Aslanian, who was working around the time Freud was acquiring objects.

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