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Pataikos Figure

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3809, Pataikos Figure, Late Period; 716-332 B.C.

Culture: Egyptian
Material: Egyptian faience
Dimensions: h. 3 _ in 9 cm

Typically represented nude with a close fitted cap, Pataikos is a dwarf divinity. Pataikos, the Greek translation of Ptah-Sokar, is in Egypt considered a manifestation of Ptah, the local creator god of Memphis. For the Memphites, he was a common household deity, and was often the subject of amulets like Freud’s.

In ancient Egypt, dwarfs were a part of both religious and court life, sometimes achieving relatively high status. The Pataikos amulet in Freud’s collection is made of Egyptian faience, which consists of a ground quartz core and a blue-green alkaline glaze.

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