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Donation Stele

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4581, Donation Stele, Ptolemaic Period; dated 301 B.C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Egyptian
Material: Lime-stone
Dimensions: h. 20 7/8 in / 53 cm

At the top this round-topped stele bears the winged solar disk of Horus, the sun god. Below this, on the main register, is a scene depicting a king offering the hieroglyphic symbol for field to four gods: the sky god Amun with two vertical plumes crowning his head; his consort Mut wearing the double crown of Lower and Upper Egypt; Khonsu, the moon god and son of Amun and Mut, wearing a crescent and new moon orb; and the falcon-headed Horus of Mesen, a solar deity.

From the inscription on the lowest register we know that the king is Ptolemy, the general of Alexander the Great who took control of Egypt after Alexander’s death, later declaring himself pharaoh. Around this time Ptolemy, in an attempt to gain the favour of his new, non-Greek subjects, returned large tracts of confiscated land to the native Egyptian priests.

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