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Female Figure

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3725, Female Figure, c. 2000-1750 B. C.

Artist: Photographer: Ardon Bar Hama
Culture: Syrian; Middle Bronze Age
Material: Clay
Dimensions: h. 4 in. / 11.7 cm

This small figurine is typical of a Middle Bronze Age group of figures, both male and female, found in the Orontes Valley in central Syria. Gender is differentiated by proportions of the body, headdress, and in some cases by breasts or pubic triangles on female figures. This figure is distinguishable as female due to the proportion of the hips and the elaborate headdress with piercings, which may have once had metal rings through them.

Experts are unsure of the exact function of such figures. However, they are unlikely to be fertility figures due to their lack of exaggerated sexual anatomy. Many figurines of this type have been found in domestic settings in close association with model beds, chariots, and carts. This suggests that the Orontes Valley figures, including the one in Freud’s collection, may be ornaments or playthings.

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