Celebrating the Revised Standard Edition at the Freud Museum

On Thursday 20th June 2024 we celebrated the publication of the Revised Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud – a ground-breaking update on the Standard Edition first published 60 years ago, which followed the Hogarth Press first publishing Freud’s work in 1924. 


We had the honour and pleasure of welcoming to the Museum some very special guests: the Editor of the Revised Standard Edition and our long-standing supporter, Professor Mark Solms and our friends from the Institute of Psychoanalysis, the British Psychoanalytical Society and Rowman & Littlefield, who co-published the work.

Professor Solms treated a very packed room to a thought-provoking talk addressing the ‘the hard problem’ of consciousness, captivating the audience and opening a passionate discussion which followed his presentation.

After the talk, our Director, Dr Giuseppe Albano, had the pleasure of accepting the generous donation of the new 24-volume set, which has now joined the Freud Museum Library. Dr Albano says: “We are thrilled to be gifted this outstanding collection, which offers new insights and observations into Freud’s theories for our modern audience. We can’t wait for our visitors and scholars to browse through this revision and soak up the nuances of Freud’s theories through a contemporary, neurological lens of understanding.”

Dr Vic Sedlak, President of the British Psychoanalytical Society said that Freud’s impact “endures in the practice of psychoanalysis today” and helped us to “understand artistic expression, the operation of families, groups and societies, and even extreme forms of human behaviour such as war and criminal acts.”

Professor Rosine Perelberg and Dr David Bell, both esteemed past Presidents of the British Psychoanalytical Society, were in attendance. For Professor Perelberg it was “a very moving event”, adding that “Over the past 30 years Professor Mark Solms has undertaken the mammoth task of revising Freud’s ouvre with impressive scholarship.”

The day also marks a new chapter in the Museum’s relationship with the Institute of Psychoanalysis and British Psychoanalytical Society, as we look forward to exciting new collaborations. Stay tuned!

Ribbon cutting in Freud’s dining room! From left to right: Jennifer Norton (Chief Executive, Institute of Psychoanalysis), Heather Wood (Chair of the Publication Committee, British Psychoanalytical Society), Giuseppe Albano (Director, Freud Museum London), Mark Solms (Editor of the Revised Standard Edition), Alex Kind and Ben Glover (Rowman & Littlefield), David Bell (British Psychoanalytical Society), Liz Allison (British Psychoanalytical Society, UCL).



Helena Bonham Carter hails revised Freud works gifted to London museum. “What a wonderful gift for the Freud Museum and the many scholars and enthusiasts of Freud and psychoanalysis who come through its doors.”

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