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A warm message from our Shop Team this holiday season.

Here at the Freud Museum Shop we are proud of our long-standing relationships with a number of independent artists from all around the world, working across a variety of media.

“People who are receptive to the influence of art cannot set too high a value on it as a source of pleasure and consolation in life”Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its Discontents (1930)

Freud himself was inspired by art and thought deeply about his own emotional responses to artworks. He also collected a vast number of antiquities which, as Marina Warner wrote, were ‘tools of thought, the kitchen utensils of his imagination’. All of the artists we work with share a passion for Freud’s ideas and his remarkable collection.

Chilean psychoanalyst Angélica Lavín created a series of bright and colourful illustrations which illuminate some of the dreams in Freud’s clinical cases.

Baboon of Thoth ~ Martha Todd

Martha Todd, a London-based sculptor who works for exhibitions and on commission, captured the essence of some of Freud’s favourite antiquities in a series of replicas. She also runs regular workshops at her studio.

Swedish-born artist Martin Bladh, whose work lays bare themes of violence, obsession, fantasy, domination, submission and narcissism, is co-founder of the publishing company Infinity Land Press. His response to the Rorschach personality test is both disturbing and compelling.

Sphinx ~ Sun Ae Kim

Our enigmatic sphinx figurine was designed by Sun Ae Kim who is based in South Korea and London. Sun Ae is interested in telling stories through ceramics that can resonate with both past and present experiences.

Another artist who wanted to solve the riddle of the sphinx is Huiping Yang, a London based artist interested in psychogeography and influenced by Freud’s ideas around screen memories and the Unconscious.

Nathan D’Arcy, also London based, is an illustrator whose work is influenced by cult film, music and politics. His illustrations of Dalí, Lynch and Freud are well-observed and full of humour.

Zhuo Wang is a Chinese-Austrian psychodynamic therapist based in London, whose interpretation of The Wolfman’s dream manages to capture the fascination and ambiguity of the dream of Freud’s most famous patient.

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What the artists say about working with us:

I have had the pleasure of working with the Freud Museum since January 2019. For me it was a joy to know that my illustrations of some Freudian dreams would be sold at Freud´s house. This is a place that not only preserves much of Freud´s material legacy but is also a place visited by many people interested in psychoanalysis and culture. The last time I went to the Museum I could see how beautiful the house is and how nice the people who work there are. ~ Angélica Lavín

I really enjoyed producing designs for the Freud Museum’s events on the relationship between Freud and the work of David Lynch, and the Dalí exhibition. Illustrating some of the great artistic figures of the last 100 years is always a joy. For the Dalí/Freud print, I liked the idea of following the Narcissus theme to its logical conclusion and having a mirrored design that could be hung either way – and that the hand of Dalí’s ‘Metamorphosis of Narcissus’ would flow into the tree of Pankejeff’s ‘The Wolf Man’s Dream’. ~ Nathan D’Arcy

I have made work for the Freud Museum Shop for over four years now. The Shop team is a pleasure to work with, they always give me considerate deadlines and are entirely understanding and appreciative of the hand making process. I hope to continue working with them and developing new and exciting products in the future. ~ Martha Todd

It’s a great and unique experience to work with a dedicated team. Thank you for all the help and support from all the staff in Freud Museum. I have gained lots of valuable experience. I have attended many events and talks. There are also many great exhibitions in the museum. Previously I had my work exhibited in the museum and now I am selling the prints in Freud Museum Shop. Thank you again for all the support. It’s my pleasure to work with you all. ~ Huiping Yang

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