‘A Surreal Christmas’ – TBIH2020 Interview

Interview with Jamie Ruers about our “A Surreal Christmas" video which won the Museums in Short Award 2019.

‘A Surreal Christmas’ – TBIH2020 Interview

In 2019, we received fantastic news that our annual Shop Christmas video from 2018 had won the prestigious ‘Museums In Short’ Jury Prize – the ‘Oscars’ of the museum world!

Entitled ‘A Surreal Christmas’, the video celebrated the historic meeting between Sigmund Freud and the artist Salvador Dalí in London in 1938, which was the focus of the Freud Museum’s blockbuster winter 2018/19 exhibition, ‘Freud, Dalí and the Metamorphosis of Narcissus’. The video featured the special range of exhibition-related gifts exclusive to the Freud Museum Shop. Produced by our in-house designer, Karolina Urbaniak, the film demonstrated stop-start animation with dadaist soundtrack, inspired by Terry Gilliam’s work on the Monty Python series.

Watch an interview with Jamie Ruers, Events Manager and Online Shop Co-ordinator at the Freud Museum London, about the “A Surreal Christmas” video which won the Museums in Short Award 2019. Interview by Sara Devine, TBIH20202 IMAGINES Jury member.

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