Freud’s Home Movies

The Freud Museum's archives contain a wonderful selection of family home movies


Sigmund and Martha Freud were married on 13 September 1886

Sigmund and Martha had met years before, as Martha was a friend of Sigmund’s sisters. Martha’s family lived in Hamburg and were not initially happy with the match. Freud was young and penniless, still in training to be a physician, which took him from Vienna to Paris and back again. The couple were engaged for four years before they finally married. During their betrothed years they exchanged hundreds of love letters.

The Freud Museum London’s archives contain a number of so-called Home Movies, which capture personal moments from the family’s history. Here, Martha and Sigmund are celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary in 1936.

A DVD of the digitally enhanced Home Movies is available from the Freud Museum Shop!

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