In Memory of Maira Thorley

A few words in honour of our dear friend Maira.

On Monday 19th November we received the very sad news that our dear friend and colleague Maira Thorley had passed away in hospital that morning at the age of 41.

Maira came to volunteer in the Freud Museum Shop in June 2016, and subsequently became a member of staff, working in the museum for two days a week.

Despite the fact that she was battling a long-term illness, Maira was always extremely sunny and positive. She was a hugely popular member of staff, both with her colleagues and with visitors.

Working with Maira in the shop was always an education. She gave her undivided attention to every single visitor, so much so that there would often be a queue of Brazilian visitors in front of her till, refusing to be served by whoever was working on the other till! Everyone wanted Maira’s attention, and she reveled in helping people, drawing on seemingly inexhaustible supplies of energy.

After spending a day working with Maira, you always came away feeling better about the world. She had a unique ability to make people smile and to bring out the best in them. She had an instinctive sense of fun, a beaming smile and a wonderfully loud and anarchic laugh.

We will all miss her more than we can say, and our thoughts go out to her husband Brent and her family.


  • Carl
    November 24, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    I met Maira only very briefly, but her impact was so positive! Sorry I can’t make the reception to remember her

  • Daniela Saraiva Cana
    December 4, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    A pessoa mais linda dessa vida! Agradeço ter conhecido a Maira desde a infância e tê-la como minha irmã! Gratidão pela sua existência amiga querida! Te amo!

  • Fabiana Moleta
    December 4, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    Difícil imaginar como será a vida sem a alegria da Maira…amiga de tantos anos, irmã de coração.
    Um dia nos encontramos!
    Com amor ❤️❤️

  • Deborah Salvador
    December 4, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    we will all miss this lovely person! rest in peace my friend ! 💔

  • Fernanda Moraes
    December 4, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    Minha irmã de alma! Feliz de quem pode desfrutar da sua companhia. Pra sempre nos nossos corações

  • Minha irmã de alma e companheira de vida. Precisava descansar. Sua luta de anos não tirou sua alegria e seu amor pela vida. Que você tenha sido recebida pelos anjos do céu. Meu amor será eterno.

  • Conheci Maira em janeiro passado, quando visitei o Museu e pretendia revê -la este ano. Infelizmente, ela foi para outro lugar. RIP

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