Whistleblowers: Political and Psychological Perspectives

David Morgan and Prof Gavin MacFadyen

David Morgan and Prof Gavin MacFadyen

The Political Consequences of Dissent – Prof. Gavin MacFadyen

The Psychological Consequences of Political and Social Disclosure – David Morgan

Organisations cannot be held to account unless they are open to internal criticism, yet despite measures such as the Public Interest Disclosure Act, individuals within the UK’s institutions, public bodies and corporations are subject to severe gagging constraints. Whistleblowers are heavily penalised, both through mechanisms such as the Official Secrets Act and the Confidentiality Clauses built into employment agreements, and informally through loss of status and income, and social ostracism. What are the motives for whistleblowing, and how can whistleblowers be protected and encouraged to come forward despite the practical and psychological pressures that they face? Gavin MacFadyen and David Morgan will discuss these problems with us.

Gavin MacFadyen is Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism and has researched, directed and produced investigative programmes in numerous countries around the world. He is currently Visiting Professor at City University, London, and a founder of the broad-support lobbying group, Whistleblowers UK which was launched in 2012.

David Morgan is a Consultant Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst.He worked for many years at the Portman Clinic is now in private practice and is consultant psychotherapist for a number of organisations including WBUK, a Whistleblowers support network.

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