The Freud Museum

The couch, a gift to Freud in 1891 from a grateful patient, Mme Benvenisti

The couch, a gift to Freud in 1891 from a grateful patient, Mme Benvenisti

Freud's desk, crammed with antiquities

Freud's desk, crammed with antiquities

Anna Freud

Anna Freud


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Conservation of Freuds Couch

On Freuds birthday this year, 06 May, we launched a campaign to raise funds for the consrvation of Freuds iconic couch.   We are delighted to have attracted interest from all over the world and have now secured the funds from a UK based charity, the AKO Foundation along with anonymous donors.

Freuds Antiquities
Thanks the generosity of our donors, we have been able to establish a new Conservation Fund to enable repair and conservation of the most fragile and important items in Freuds spectacular collection of of over 2000 Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Oriental antiquities.  A target of £40,000 (47,000 euro, 60,000 USD) for this work.

The Redisplay of the Anna Freud Room
We are keen to make Annas room as intriguing as her fathers study.  We have the opportunity to tell the story of her personal and professional lives, her fascinating relationship with her father and her phenomenal achievements in child mental health and beyond.  We have raised £120,000  towards this project, and are now seeking a further £25,000 in match funding.

Archive and Education Centre
In the longer term, we are seeking to establish a dedicated centre which to cater for formal and informal education groups and provide state-of-the-art archive storage and work and reading space for students, researchers and visitors.  This project is likely to be in the region of £2 million (2.3 euro, 3 million USD).

We can accept donations from all over the world. Please click here to find out more about secure online donations and the alternatives.

Comments, questions
If you have any queries about the museum’s plans, please contact Marion Stone on ++44 (0)20 7435 2002.

UK Patrons Circle

We have recently launched a new Patrons Circle for our supporters in the UK.  Call the Development Office to receive our brochure by post (020 7435 2002).

American Patrons Circle
We are also in the early days of planning an American Patrons Circle.  If you would like to register your interest in this Circle, or assist in its establishment, please do contact the Development Office

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